LUSH Dance ℠ events are intimacy immersions designed to deepen your relationships with others and your self through the L.U.S.H. Four Core Features ℠

Sexy Erotic Art

Safe(r) Intimacy Education

Sensual Tastings

Sweet Aftercare

LUSH Journey ℠ events are guided transformations with sequential series

Embark on a carefully designed journey taking you through step-by-step offerings by caring professionals

LUSH Dreamscape ℠ events are open-ended location-based adventures

Choose your own adventure by navigating among separated place-bound offerings

LUSH Elemental ℠ events are not limited by location, balancing, or sequencing

Explore diverse events designed with varying degrees of the Four Core Features ℠ in any order

LUSH Trusted ℠ events are aligned, audited, and accountable co-creations

See who shares some of the same standards of excellence as LUSH Dance ℠

LUSH Discovery ℠ events are designed to help you learn more about yourself and others

Explore your fantasies, curiosities, concerns, strengths, and weaknesses, to help inspire your next steps

LUSH Level Up ℠ events are self-work offerings to help you grow

Improve yourself with skills that will enhance the way you live and connect with others

“I didn’t feel pressured to do any more than I felt comfortable with.”

Surrender 2022 Alum

Join the LUSH Dance ℠ movement